About Us

About Us

Investin Capital is an independent private equity group specialising in real estate investments. investin capital’s strategy is based upon the identification of imbalances in supply and demand, capital and information.

Our approach is powered by a global network of trusted local partners, combined with versatile and forward-thinking analysis best suited to the shifting tides of current market conditions.

Every investment made is managed by our expert team through an active approach that leads to faster returns on investment and relationships rooted in trust. 

We specialise in providing opportunities for family offices of high-net worth individuals within the new build real estate sector.


Investin Capital identifies investments in areas where current market supply is limited, demand is increasing and macro economic factors, such as employment, education and population, are robust.

A British-born company with a strong track record, 2013 saw the expansion of Investin Capital into the USA, building a strong reputation through successful projects in key sectors and niche markets in strategic cities.